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What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is a ticket for an event that once purchased is e-mailed to the customer, at which point they can print it off and use it to gain entry to the event.

How will I receive the ticket?

Upon receipt of payment will send you an automated email with a link to your invoice along with your eTicket reference numbers. Upon accessing your invoice you are then able to view your eTicket and print it at any time as required.

How long before I get my eTicket confirmation?

As soon as your payment has gone through, you will receive an email with the ticket confirmation.

In case you donít see the email in your inbox please first, check your 'spam' or ĎJunkí folder. Sometimes our email messages are marked as 'spam', either by your ISP, or your email software's built-in spam filter. If you are using an office or work email address, 'spam' filtering may be centralised.

We try to ensure that our email doesn't look like spam, but it is your responsibility to check your mail settings and ensure that you can receive mail from us.

Some programs have a 'white list', you can add an address or domain from which you will always receive unfiltered email. We recommend that you add 'I-Want-Tickets' to this list. If you haven't already verified your email address, please do so - this ensures that we have the correct email address detail and that you can definitely receive email from our servers.

How will the venue know who I am?

The venue or promoter is sent the relevant details of everyone who has purchased a ticket for the event. Once you arrive they will check your details at the door. As long as you bring your ticket confirmation you will gain entry.

Will entry prices to events ever change?

Occasionally event prices may go up or down during the life of their listing, this could be if an event is selling out fast and itís the last few tickets. We advise that you buy your tickets as early as possible to get the best possible deal. Once you have purchased your eTickets any price changes will not affect you.

Why Buy in Advance with I-Want-Tickets?

Buying in advanced will give you various benefits including:

  • Shorter queuing times
  • Avoids paying more on the door
  • Guarantees event entry
  • You can plan your night without worrying about hunting down promoters for tickets

Do you have booking fees for buying online?

The majority of events will have booking fees. Our booking fees are one of the lowest on the market. If booking fees apply they will be added on at the checkout stage along with all other additional fees. All booking fees will be displayed at all points of our site so that they don't catch you out when you checkout.

How many tickets will I be able to purchase per event?

You can buy as many tickets as you like as long as theyíre available. On occasion there may be different types of tickets for an event, for example a VIP ticket might be more expensive than a Standard ticket, it is essential that you select the correct class of ticket if you have bought the wrong ticket you will not be able to claim a refund.

The event has been Cancelled or Rescheduled. Can I get a Refund?

Cancelled events
If an event is cancelled you will be contacted as soon as possible after we have received the notification from the event organiser. The refunded ticket money minus the booking fee and admin charges will be made automatically to the original card used to make the booking. Payment will be made within 28 days of us being notified by the event organiser.
Please note it may take up to seven working days for the credit to appear on your bank or credit card statement after it has left our bank account.

Rescheduled events
If an event is rescheduled you will be contacted as soon as possible after we receive notification from the event organiser. You will be given the option to attend the rescheduled event and advised whether new tickets will be issued.

I can no longer go to the event any more / Purchased too many tickets, can i have a refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to exchange or refund tickets unless the event has been cancelled,

Which payment methods are available?

We currently support payment via PayPal instant payments to provide the most flexibility to our users.

What are SMS Tickets?

An SMS ticket is a ticket sent to a mobile phone. In order to receive SMS tickets, you need to register a valid mobile phone number in your User Account. The SMS ticket will feature brief info on the ticket you have purchased and the booking confirmation details.
IMPORTANT - as there are character limitations in any SMS, we also send you E-Tickets to the email address you have used when purchasing the ticket(s).  These e-tickets have important info in them which you must read. Please note additional costs will be incurred for the request of a SMS ticket.

What to do when you receive your SMS ticket.

Take your mobile with you to the guest list entrance at the club. Show the SMS to the door staff and they will check its details against the list of prepaid customers. In you go! Please note that some people think that forwarding an SMS ticket to someone else will get them into the club as well. The first people to turn up and be checked off the list by the door staff will be the only ones that will gain entry. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Iím an event organiser and would like to sell tickets through your site.

We do offer great deals for event organisers. If you would like to sell tickets through our site then please signup as a regular member. Once inside the account area you are then able to apply for a promoters account which we must then authorise. Alternatively contact us using the online form and we will attempt to respond as quickly as possible.


1. The Promoter appoints I-Want-Tickets to sell tickets for their event. TheTicketSellers acts purely as an agent and has no responsibility for the event itself.

2. The Promoter confirms he has made all the necessary hire arrangements with the venue and contracted artists to perform as advertised.

3. The Promoter will register an account with I-Want-Tickets and may then upload their event(s) onto the website.

4. It is the Promoterís responsibility to ensure all event and ticket detail listed are accurate and I-Want-Tickets cannot be held liable for any errors.

5. If the Promoter requests I-Want-Tickets load his event, it is their responsibility to check the final listing for any errors. Once loaded, I-Want-Tickets accept no responsibility for any errors.  

6. I-Want-Tickets will add a booking fee to the ticket, which can be paid by the customer or from the ticket price. This booking fee to be approximately 10% unless otherwise agreed.

7. The amount redeemed to the Promoter is inclusive of VAT and it is the Promotersí responsibly to conduct his tax affairs accordingly.

8. I-Want-Tickets will provide the Promoter with an invoice following the event, detailing tickets sold and remittance due.

9. Payments will be made on the Wednesday following the event by BACS transfer or cheque (as requested by the Promoter), unless prior arrangements have been made.

10. It is your responsibility to enter and update your payment details and inform us which account you would like payment to be made to. I-Want-Tickets take no responsibility if any payments are made to the wrong account.

11. In the instance of complaints about the event being received by I-Want-Tickets, we reserve the right to withhold payment for up to 1 month, to resolve any disputes with customers (this time period may change).

12. I-Want-Tickets will not refund tickets without the Promoterís agreement unless we cannot contact the Promoter within 1 week of the event by means listed on the Promoterís account.

13. You agree to include I-Want-Tickets logo or our web address & telephone number on all your promotions (unless I-Want-Tickets is your exclusive Box Office).

14. We DO NOT recommend that you display any advertisements where you do not have prior arrangements.

15. If we receive any fines through promotions you have done i.e. fly posters or hand-to-hand flyering, you agree to pay them, as I-Want-Tickets takes NO responsibility. Whenever possible I-Want-Tickets will pass on any communication received from councils to relevant parties but will NOT be held responsible if contact cannot be made.

16. If your event is cancelled or does not go ahead for whatever reason and you do not inform us in advance, you agree to pay I-Want-Tickets the total amount of booking fees, transactions charges and any other associated fees so that we can refund the customers in full.

17. It is your responsibility to enter and update your contact details.

18. The promoter must not include any information on their event(s) page(s) referring to other ways of purchasing tickets to their event(s), through any means. This includes any special offers, prices, packages, or 'on the door' sales and so on that are not listed on I-Want-Tickets or any other information that may decrease or negatively affect sales with I-Want-Tickets

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